La Rassa a Bute


La rassa a bute


(CPC 2010)


La rassa a bute by Khaossia Ethno Salentina


For many years, intense academic studies have focused on this text, trying to unlock the linguistic mystery. Khaossia, on the advice of Alessandro Laporta, director of Lecce’s Provincial Library where the original manuscript is kept, decided to breathe new life into this work through this musical production. This is a preview of a theatre production to be performed in the historic theatres around the Salento peninsula in the future. We decided to write music to some sections of the opera, identified as “arie”, and to evoke the technique of the text in others.

The style of composition and execution is heterogeneous, which is a characteristic of Khaossia: with inspiration from ancient music, roots music, and the music of Salento. The music has been composed and arranged by Fabio Turchetti.


Luca Congedo, flauti antichi e moderni

Fabio Turchetti, organetti e clavicembalo

Giancarlo Picci, attore e voce recitante

Viviana Calabrese, voce e tamburi a cornice

Pier Paolo Del Prete, violino

Vincenzo Urso, voce, bouzuki, tamburi a cornice e chitarra

Giovanni Amati, voce e tamburi a cornice

Mauro Durante, tamburi a cornice

Davide Grazioli, chitarra